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Certificate of Employment in UAE – Complete Detail 2024

In the dynamic professional landscape of the United Arab Emirates, the Certificate of Employment holds a surprisingly potent weight. More than just a formal document, it serves as a crucial key unlocking doors to new opportunities, secure visas, and even personal loans in the dynamic landscape of the UAE. Yet, despite its ubiquity, the true significance of this document often remains shrouded in the administrative minutiae. This document has passed through transformation from a simple verification of employment to a multi-faceted tool for career advancement and personal empowerment.

In this article, we will shed light on the retrospective and enduring importance of the certificate of employment in the UAE, explaining what is certificate of employment and its evolving role in the modern job market. We will dig deeper into the specific reasons why this document carries such weight in the UAE context. Exploring its vital role in visa applications, loan approvals, and even social standing. Finally, we will cast our gaze towards the future, considering how the Certificate of Employment is adapting to the changing needs of the UAE’s dynamic workforce and the evolving nature of work itself. So, join us as we embark on a journey through the seemingly ordinary, yet undeniably extraordinary, world of the Certificate of Employment in the UAE.

What is Certificate of Employment in UAE?

Certificate of Employment

In essence, the certificate of employment is an official statement issued by an employer, detailing an employee’s work history within the company. Think of it as a detailed resume, but with the added weight and credibility of being an official document issued by your employer. The typical certificate of employment format includes key information like:

  • Employee name and contact details
  • Employer name and company registration details
  • Date of employment and resignation (if applicable)
  • Job title and responsibilities
  • Salary and benefits

Reasons for Requesting an Employment Verification Letter in UAE

An Employment Verification Letter (EVL) in the UAE is a formal document issued by an employer that verifies an employee’s current or past employment history. It serves as an official confirmation of your employment status and details, and is often required for various purposes. In the UAE, complying with the law and requesting an Employment Verification Letter (EVL) go hand in hand, both serving to protect your rights and ensure a smooth professional journey. The UAE labor law mandates employers to issue EVLs upon request. This ensures transparency and accountability in employment relationships, empowering employees to access their employment records and protecting them from potential exploitation. Failing to comply with the law can lead to penalties for employers, including fines or even legal action. By requesting your employment verification letter, you are exercising your legal right and holding your employer accountable for their obligations.

It serves as a documented record of your employment history, salary, and benefits. This document can be invaluable in case of disputes or discrepancies, protecting your rights and ensuring fair treatment. As mentioned earlier, EVLs are often mandatory for visa renewals and loan applications. By proactively requesting this document, you avoid potential delays and ensure smooth processing of your requests.

A well-crafted EVL can be a powerful tool in your career journey. It showcases your experience, achievements, and professional trajectory, making a strong impression on potential employers and enhancing your chances of landing your dream job. Having an readily accessible EVL provides peace of mind and a sense of control over your professional life. You know you have a documented record of your employment history and can readily access it if needed.

For Home Loan Application Process

In the UAE, securing a home loan often involves providing several documents, including an Employment Verification Letter (EVL). This document plays a crucial role in the lender’s assessment of your financial stability and ability to repay the loan. It serves as official proof of your financial standing and helps the lender assess your creditworthiness.

By providing a well-structured and accurate EVL, you can significantly strengthen your home loan application in the UAE and increase your chances of securing favorable loan terms. Remember, this document is a key piece of evidence that demonstrates your financial stability and ability to make regular mortgage payments.

Renting Out New Property

In the United Arab Emirates, securing a new rental property often hinges on demonstrating your financial stability and ability to reliably pay rent. This is where an Employment Verification Letter (EVL) becomes a crucial document, playing a key role in the rental application process.

  1. Proof of Income:

Landlords in the UAE, particularly those managing sought-after properties, receive numerous applications. An EVL stands out by providing concrete evidence of your income source and amount. It acts as a reliable document, verifying your employment status and salary, allowing the landlord to assess your ability to meet the monthly rent.

  1. Building Trust and Confidence:

An EVL fosters trust and confidence between you, the potential tenant, and the landlord. As a result of presenting a verified document confirming your financial standing, you demonstrate transparency and responsibility, consequently making you a more attractive candidate in the landlord’s eyes.

  1. Meeting Rental Requirements:

Many landlords in the UAE have minimum income requirements for their properties. An EVL helps you meet these requirements by showcasing your income level. This can significantly increase your chances of securing the rental you desire, especially in competitive markets.

  1. Avoiding Delays and Complications:

Submitting an EVL alongside your rental application streamlines the process. By providing clear evidence of your financial situation upfront, you avoid potential delays or complications due to the landlord needing to verify your income through other means.

  1. Negotiating Power:

Confirming a stable income exceeding the minimum requirement through a strong EVL, can even give you some negotiating power when it comes to rent. Landlords may be more inclined to offer you a slightly lower rent or flexible payment terms if they are confident in your financial stability.

For Loan Refinancing

In the dynamic financial landscape of the UAE, loan refinancing can be a strategic move to secure better interest rates, lower monthly payments, or consolidate existing debts. However, just like any loan application, lenders require concrete proof of your financial stability and ability to repay, such as the employment verification letter (EVL). Here is why an EVL is crucial for loan refinancing in the UAE:

As mentioned before, lenders prioritize stability and predictability when assessing loan applications. An EVL verifies your current employment and income, demonstrating a consistent source of funds to service the refinanced loan. This reduces risk for the lender and increases your chances of approval. As a result of confirming a stable income exceeding the minimum requirement, you can obtain leverage when negotiating loan terms. You might be able to secure a lower interest rate, longer repayment period, or even waive certain fees, translating into significant financial benefits.

Submitting an EVL upfront eliminates delays or complications during the refinancing process. By providing clear evidence of your income, you avoid the need for the lender to verify your financial situation through alternative means, saving time and effort. A well-structured EVL, combined with a positive credit history, shows great financial responsibility and reliability. This strengthens your overall creditworthiness, making you a more attractive borrower in the eyes of lenders.

On the other hand, knowing your EVL supports your refinancing application provides peace of mind and confidence throughout the process. You can approach negotiations and discussions with the lender with assurance, knowing your financial standing is transparent and verifiable.

When Applying For New Job

Landing your dream job in the dynamic professional landscape of the UAE is an exciting pursuit. While your resume and skills play a pivotal role, the EVL is another often overlooked document can significantly impact your chances, for the following reasons:

  • Verifies your resume claims: In a competitive environment, your resume claims need solid backing. This document serves as concrete proof of your past roles, responsibilities, and achievements. It confirms the dates you mentioned, the companies you worked for, and the positions you held, adding a layer of credibility to your application.
  • Enhances your credibility and trustworthiness: Submitting an EVL demonstrates transparency and proactiveness. It shows potential employers that you are confident in your work history and willing to provide verifiable information. This builds trust and increases your perceived reliability, consequently making you a more attractive candidate.
  • Strengthens your background check: Many companies in the UAE conduct thorough background checks, and discrepancies between your resume and employment history can raise red flags. An EVL ensures a smooth background check process and reduces the risk of disqualification.
  • Stands out in competitive applications: In a pool of qualified candidates, a well-crafted EVL can make you stand out. It showcases your relevant experience, successes, and responsibilities in a clear and concise format, giving you an edge over candidates who lack this document.
  • Facilitates career transitions: Whether you are switching industries or seeking a promotion, an EVL can bridge the gap between your previous role and your desired new one. It demonstrates your continuous employment and transferable skills, making you a valuable asset for potential employers.

Properly Request Your UAE Certificate of Employment

Securing your Certificate of Employment UAE can seem daunting, but it is actually quite straightforward with the right approach. Here is how to get certificate of employment, through a proper request, ensuring a smooth process:

Determine your needs:

  • Different situations may require different types of certificates of employment
  • A Service Certificate simply verifies your employment history and salary.
  • An Experience Letter goes further, detailing your responsibilities, achievements, and reason for leaving (if applicable).

Submit a formal request:

  • Write a letter or email to your Human Resources department or direct supervisor.
  • Clearly state your request for a certificate of employment, specifying the type you need and the purpose for which you require it.
  • Mention the date you require the document by to avoid delays.
  • Provide your full name, employee ID, contact details, and dates of employment.
  • If requesting an Experience Letter, briefly describe your key responsibilities and achievements.

Follow up if needed:

  • If you have not received your COE within 14 days, politely follow up with your HR department.
  • Maintain open and persistent communication while respecting their timeline.

Seek Guidance from Your Manager

Start by discussing your need for a COE with your direct supervisor. Each company has its own internal procedures for handling COE requests. Your manager, being familiar with these processes, can steer you in the right direction, therefore, saving you time and potential delays.

Moreover, they can advise on the preferred method of request, whether through email, internal system, or a more formal letter. Also, the manager can give you a certificate of employment sample.

Two main types of COEs exist: Service Certificates and Experience Letters. Your manager can help you choose the appropriate one based on your specific needs. For instance, a visa renewal might only require a Service Certificate, while an Experience Letter with detailed achievements would be more beneficial for job applications or loan approvals.

Your manager can inform you of any additional documents or any internal formalities or specific requirements. This could include your employment contract, resignation letter (if applicable), or specific performance reviews. Their guidance can help you avoid submitting incomplete requests or encountering unnecessary delays due to missing information. Approaching your manager for guidance demonstrates your proactiveness and professionalism. In addition, it fosters a positive working relationship, which can benefit you in the long run, especially if you are still employed with the company.

Add All Necessary Requirements

To ensure a smooth and efficient process for obtaining your UAE COE, ensure you have all the necessary requirements:

Basic Information:

  • Full Name: Provide your full legal name as it appears on your employment contract.
  • Employee ID Number: Include your unique employee identification number assigned by the company.
  • Dates of Employment: Clearly state the start and end dates of your employment with the company.
  • Contact Information: Provide your current email address and phone number where you can be reached for any clarifications.

Specific COE Type:

  • Service Certificate: If requesting a basic service certificate, no additional information is usually required.
  • Experience Letter: Briefly describe your key responsibilities and achievements during your employment period.
  • If applicable, explain the reason for leaving the company (resignation, termination, etc.).
  • You can mention any specific details you want included in the letter, such as specific projects or areas of expertise.

Request For a Concern Person Mailing Address

In the process of requesting your Certificate of Employment UAE, obtaining the correct contact person and mailing address plays a crucial role in ensuring its timely and accurate delivery. Start by asking your manager who handles COE requests within your company. They can point you towards the designated contact person within the Human Resources department or another relevant office. Alternatively, you can check your company’s internal policy documents or employee handbook for information on COE processing and the responsible department.

Once you have identified the right person, approach them politely and explain your need for the COE’s mailing address. Be specific about the type of COE you require (Service Certificate or Experience Letter) and the purpose for requesting it. Request the contact person’s name, email address, and phone number as well. This allows you to follow up in case you need to clarify any details or inquire about the status of your COE request.

Follow-Up Process

The UAE Labor Law mandates employers to issue COEs within 14 days. However, unforeseen circumstances or internal delays can sometimes disrupt this timeframe. Proactive follow-up keeps your request on their radar and reminds them of the deadline, ensuring you receive your COE within the stipulated period. Human error can occur during the processing of your request. Missing information, incorrect dates, or typos can compromise the delivery of your certificate of employment. Following up allows you to clarify any doubts and ensure the information is correct before the document is finalized. This can prevent potential issues later, such as delays due to corrections or unusable documents for your intended purpose.

Certainly, knowing your request is being processed and on track can alleviate anxiety and uncertainty. Regular updates from the company keep you informed and avoid any last-minute surprises or delays that could disrupt your plans. On the other hand, paying attention to your request demonstrates initiative and professionalism, highlighting your ability to handle tasks effectively and communicate proactively. This leaves a positive impression on the company and could be beneficial in future interactions or references.


Certificate of Employment

Requesting your UAE Certificate of Employment might seem like a simple task, but its importance in the UAE professional landscape cannot be overstated. This document acts as your professional passport, unlocking doors to visa renewals, loan approvals, and even dream job opportunities.

Unquestionably, by understanding the key steps outlined in this article, you can confidently navigate the COE request process and secure this crucial document efficiently. Remember, this document is your power tool, and knowing how to request it properly empowers you to take control of your professional journey in the UAE. Visit our blog to know more information about Emiratisation, legal aspects of your job and other UAE essential documents.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at Emiratisation Hub! We offer comprehensive support, from initial guidance to follow-up and document review. We are here to make this journey smooth and stress-free, ensuring you receive the right document at the right time. Let us guide you through the process and help you unlock the full potential of your UAE career.

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