Esaad Card: Eligibility, Benefits and Registration Process 2024

esaad card

The Esaad card is a valuable document that can make your life easier in Dubai. As an expatriate, you need to have access to all the help you can get to make your stay in the UAE to be as comfortable as possible. Also, this card is the key to accessing various services. In this […]

All You Need To Know About What is Emiratisation in UAE

What is Emiratisation

Emiratisation is the policy initiative in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the goal of increasing the participation of Emirati citizens in the workforce, both private and public. To reach this goal, the UAE has started various programs to encourage companies to hire more Emirati nationals. In this article, we will dwell into the final […]

UAE Unemployment Insurance – Eligibility, Process and Benefits in 2024

Unemployment Insurance UAE

In 2024, delving into the realm of Unemployment Insurance UAE becomes pivotal as individuals seek clarity on eligibility, the application process, and the associated benefits. As the economic landscape continues to evolve, understanding the nuances of unemployment insurance is essential for residents navigating the uncertainties of job markets in the United Arab Emirates. Unemployment Insurance […]

Emiratisation Fines: Ultimate Guide for Employers in the UAE

Emiratization fines

A key element of the UAE’s post-oil strategic vision is improving the country’s human capital. The main goal is to reduce dependence on foreign workers and companies that do not abide by this rule, will face consequences. Emiratization fines is the term for these penalties. In this article you should read about what is emiratisation […]

Differences Between Recruitment Process And Selection Process

Recruitment And Selection Process

The recruitment and selection process are a very important issue when it comes to finding the right person for your organization. There are several things to consider when hiring people after developing a strategy. In this article details all the stages of recruitment or selection and the differences between the two. What are the steps […]

Exploring Workforce Solutions in Dubai for Emiratis

workforce solutions Dubai

In Dubai we see an approach directed to an era where Emiratis stand united with their international counterparts. With their unique talents and undying devotion, they forged the future of Dubai. Let us take this journey into the complex ecosystem of workforce solutions Dubai where alliances are made to lay a robust foundation for an […]

How to Apply for Fazaa Card for Expats (Eligibility & Requirments)

how to apply for fazaa card

Embarking on a seamless journey of convenience and benefits in the UAE, expatriates can explore the process of obtaining a Fazaa Card. This exclusive card opens doors to a myriad of services, fostering a more accessible and integrated experience for expats. Understanding how to apply for Fazaa Card involves navigating eligibility criteria and fulfilling specific […]

What is Nafis Program in UAE

nafis program uae

The UAE government has started a noteworthy project called the Nafis Program UAE. Additionally, it seeks to give Emirati nationals a thorough platform to investigate and take advantage of employment prospects in the private sector. This is the main goal of the Nafis Program. In this article, we shall examine the many facets of the […]

Certificate of Employment in UAE – Complete Detail 2024

Certificate of Employment

In the dynamic professional landscape of the United Arab Emirates, the Certificate of Employment holds a surprisingly potent weight. More than just a formal document, it serves as a crucial key unlocking doors to new opportunities, secure visas, and even personal loans in the dynamic landscape of the UAE. Yet, despite its ubiquity, the true […]

What is Mandatory Emiratisation in UAE – Understand new policies

mandatory emiratisation in uae

The United Arab Emirates is a place of big dreams and bright variety. It gives many chances to millions of people who live there from other countries. Still, under this lies the policy of mandatory Emiratisation in UAE, an important part of the country’s economy and society discussions nowadays. In this article, we will delve […]