Fazaa Card benefits

All you need to know Faaza Card Benefits

Fazaa Card benefits is a highly beneficial social welfare program run by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Interior for its members. Fazaa card offers discounts and special offers in various areas such as education, health, travel, entertainment, shopping, etc.

In this article, we provide you with a complete guide to Fazaa card benefits, including requirements, benefits, and tips to get the most out of it.

Understanding Fazaa Card Benefits

Fazaa Card benefits

A golden ticket to a world of exclusive privileges and unparalleled benefits, the Fazaa card integrates into UAE society and offers a unique mix of services to meet the diverse needs of eligible cardholders. But what exactly are Fazaa cards and how can they change your experience of living in this dynamic country?

Imagine a world where your wallet is not just a place to store your cash and cards, but a gateway to a realm of special privileges and perks. Particularly, this is exactly what Fazaa card benefits do. It is a treasure trove of benefits that will transform the way Emirates residents shop, eat, and play.

Steps to register in the Fazaa program

The registration process may vary depending on your qualifications and emirate of residence. To apply for a Fazaa card, you must work for a company that has access to the Fazaa card membership program. Otherwise, if your employer is a participating partner in the program, the process is simple.

Log in to the official website of Fazaa and select the “Become a member” tab. You may be asked to provide login information. Next, confirm your mobile number to complete the subscription process. Please note that this register is reserved only for certain companies operating in the UAE and is not open to the public. To join Fazaa, follow these steps:

  • First, provide the required information, including your company code, contact details, and personal information. Rather, to prepare the necessary documents, you must have a valid business license.
  • Second, download the Fazaa partnership form, including a quote form, and complete it in English and Arabic.
  • Later, add up to three images of your service and company logos.
  • After that, download the offer agreement and submit all important documents for your Fazaa UAE card.
  • Finally, Fazaa is a leading online platform that offers a world-class variety of benefits and services to its members. Rather, our website provides easy access to comprehensive information about Fazaa benefits, programs, and discounts.

How to get a father card online

  • First, log in to the official Fazaa website: www.Fazaa.ae.
  • Second, click “Become a member” to go to the registration page.
  • Third, enter your name, mobile number, email address, and other personal details.
  • Later, enter your Emirates ID number in the field provided.
  • If you are a student, please also enter your ZU Alumni Card number. If you are an employee, please provide your employer/company name, company code, and job title. They will verify your identity through SMS verification.
  • After that, select the desired subscription plan.
  • Agree to Fazaa’s Terms of Use and click Submit.
  • Finally, wait until your Fazaa card is approved.

Approval may be immediate or may take some time. Once your Fazaa card is approved instantly, you will see your Fazaa-e card on your screen. By logging into the Fazaa mobile app, you can view and use your Fazaa card anywhere in the UAE and abroad. Basically, it will take a few days for your physical Fazaa card to reach your home.

If your Fazaa card application is still pending, you will have to wait for 24-48 hours. Rather, you will receive a confirmation SMS and/or email from the Fazaa team regarding your Fazaa card approval. You can then access your Fazaa card and use it in the Fazaa app on your phone.

Who is eligible for the Fazaa program?

Eligibility for the Fazaa program includes employees of the UAE Ministry of Internal Affairs. UAE government and semi-government employees, as well as members of Frontline and Heman.

Residents working in the private sector can also apply for membership through the company. Furthermore, to apply for Fazaa card benefits, check the eligibility criteria for the program.

You can then get the Fazaa card for free.

It is essential to be aware of the fees before making a purchase. But with the Fazaa Silver Card and the Fazaa Student Card, you do not have to worry about that. It is important to note that although there are different types of Fazaa cards available in the UAE, each one targets different groups of people.

The Fazaa Silver Card and the Fazaa Student Card are free for senior citizens and Available to students enrolled in UAE. To apply for a Fazaa Card, you need to pay a membership fee (registration fee) of 150 dirhams. Fazaa cards come in different types, including platinum and gold.

Although there are fees, the benefits and discounts of the Fazaa card benefits outweigh the costs. If you are applying for Fazaa card benefits, you have to note the Fazaa membership fees.

What Exactly is Fazaa Card?

  • Fazaa Card is a highly efficient smart card issued by the UAE government to eligible residents and citizens. Improved access to a variety of government services, including public transportation. Also, utility bill payments, and online government transactions.
  • The Fazaa Card not only enhances social engagement. But also improves the quality of life for cardholders by offering a variety of exclusive benefits. Also, discounts at retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are a large number of Emirati cards.

Fazaa Student Card

As a reliable source, you can confidently say that a new category has been introduced in the UAE, making life easier for academics and students. Basically, the Fazaa Student Card is a preferential program available to all students registered in the UAE.

With more than 1,600 brands and 3,900 locations nationwide, these cards offer exclusive discounts and benefits at restaurants, stores, movie theaters, travel, libraries, and entertainment venues.

Obviously, to receive your discount, you must present your card when purchasing. This card is free for students and can be used on mobile devices.

You can also upgrade to a silver band for a small fee. To upgrade, visit the official website or log in to your Fazaa account.

How to get Fazaa company code

Now you know how to get Fazaa card benefits online.

  • To apply for a Fazaa card on the site, you must enter your company code.
  • Later, follow your employer’s instructions.
  • Rest assured, getting your Fazaa company code is simple.
  • Basically, to sign up for Fazaa membership, obtain a company code from your employer’s human resources department.
  • After that, you will need your company code to apply for a Faiza card on the Fazaa web portal.
  • For any further questions regarding the use of Fazaa cards, please visit the Fazaa website.
  • Furthermore, if your employer is not a Fazaa partner, encourage them to become a Fazaa partner.
Who can use my Fazaa card?
  • Once you have the code, request your Faiza card securely online. The Fazaa card is only for the cardholder and his or her immediate family. To make a payment to a family member using your Fazaa card, you must present a valid receipt and proof of your relationship.
How to pay using a Fazaa card

Paying with your Fazaa card is a simple and hassle-free process. However, to use your Fazaa Card, simply add funds by transferring money from your bank account. Also, depositing at a Fazaa Kiosk or Salik Kiosk ATM. Once your balance is added, you can make payments with confidence at all Fazaa branches.

How Fazaa Card Works

The Fazaa Card provides exclusive discounts and benefits at various restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and entertainment venues throughout the country. These Fazaa card benefits include discounts and offers at:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes and bars
  • The Fazaa store
  • Hotels and travel packages
  • Car insurance
  • Rental cars
  • Health
  • Vehicle leasing
  • Financing
  • Used cars

Fazaa Card Financial Benefits

The Fazaa Initiative has more than 750,000 members, including residents working in government, parastatals, and the private sector. The Fazaa Card offers members a variety of exclusive services. For instance, daily car rental, accident protection, partner offers, and discounts. As you can see, Fazaa discount card benefits are many useful.

To enjoy Fazaa card benefits and discounts, you need to know them. This card is designed to provide benefits exclusive to members. Therefore, this is an indispensable tool for residents of the country. Additionally, with this smart card, you get great discounts on shopping, entertainment, travel, dining, and more.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to access special Fazaa offers and promotions tailored to cardholders. However, the Fazaa Card UAE gives you access to many benefits that will improve your lifestyle. Basically, Fazaa offers exclusive discounts at Fazaa stores, access to travel packages, and hotel stays.

Basically, also offers car insurance, convenient car rental, and discounted medical services. Moreover, we also offer various benefits such as leasing and using used cars.

Cashback Offers

  • 20% off at Grupo Rivoli Love Moschino
  • 20% off 30% off on Al Fardan Jewelry
  • 15% off at CenterPoint
  • Kiehl’s, 15% off
  • Harvey Nichols, 15% off
  • Bloomingdale’s, 15% off
  • 15% discount on trainers

Discounts on Partner Merchants

  • Canada University Dubai Up to 20% discount
  • Barbell Ladies Club 20% off all memberships
  • Emirates art 20% sale
  • Queen cloth abaya Up to 50% discount
  • Al Sanabil Medical Center Up to 50% discount
  • Al Yusaf Motors Up to 40% off select items
  • Trendy flowers 20% sale

Reward Points System

  • Geidea P O S Technology 20% sale
  • Groceries Up to 75% discount

Fazaa Card Travel Benefits

Fazaa Card UAE confidently promotes social interdependence and effective solidarity relationships within the UAE community. Therefore, members and their families enjoy a wide range of services and benefits. For instance, discounts at stores, theme parks, restaurants, zoos and more.

Fazaa members can confidently enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of services important to their personal well-being.

Airline Miles Accumulation

  • Air Arabia. Direct flight from Sharjah to Phuket, Thailand Enjoy a special 10% discount on Extra Bundles for Fazaa Cardholders.

Travel Insurance Coverage

  • Kempinski Palm Jumeirah – 45% off
  • Sofitel Jumeirah Beach – 25% off
  • Hyatt Place Dubai Jumeirah – 25% off
  • DoubleTree by Hilton – 25% off
  • Robe La Mer – 25% off

Airport Lounge Access

  • Kidzania Dubai Mall 25% discount on admission tickets at the gate
  • Air Arabia Book additional bundles and enjoy 10% off on fees and supplements only

Fazaa Card Lifestyle Benefits

The UAE Fazaa Card is proud to offer a wide range of services. Also, benefits to support the well-being of its holders and their finances. This card provides access to various important areas of society, such as clothing, food, health, and entertainment. Fazaa cards are divided into three categories, each offering different discounts and benefits.

Dining Discounts

  • Biella Restaurant 20% off the total amount
  • Al Faraj Restaurant 20% off the total amount
  • Papa Murphy’s pizza Up to 25% discount
  • Eataly on the Beach 20% sale
  • Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City 25% off the best rate including breakfast
  • Zaizahun Restaurant Up to 25% discount
  • Azure Restaurant Dine in and enjoy 25% off
  • Al Huzaifa furniture Up to 30% discount

Entertainment Offers

  • Ain Dubai – 25% off
  • Museum of the Future – 15% off
  • The View at the Palm – 20% off
  • Roxy Cinemas – 40% off

Health and Wellness Benefits

  • Trasmile dental clinic 60% off all treatments
  • Sama Sante Medical Center Up to 50% discount
  • UAQ Medical Center Up to 50% discount
  • The Royal Doctor’s Polyclinic 40% discount


Fazaa Card benefits

The Fazaa Card is a social initiative launched by Lt. General His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan for employees of the Ministry of Interior. However, the Fazaa Card provides many benefits to its holders, including discounts at many stores, restaurants, and amusement parks.

The aim of this social initiative is to strengthen social cohesion and maintain effective solidarity relationships in the country. Therefore, it is important to note that Fazaa cards are divided into three categories: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Each program offers different discounts and benefits. To become a member of Fazaa, the applicant company must also be a member of the Fazaa program. To get the card, visit the Fazaa website and follow the steps. If your company wants to partner with Fazaa, visit their website and follow the required steps. Contact us to learn more.

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