how to check emirates id fine

How to check emirates id fine online in Dubai

The emirate ad or the identification for residents and citizens of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The document is fundamental for people’s daily lives, and people use it for a myriad of transactions and purposes, from bank payments to government services in Dubai. That is why it is important to know if you have any unpaid fines and learn how to check Emirates ID fine.

In this article, we will see what the ID is, how to check Emirates ID fine online, how to access the portal to do it, the requirements you will have to follow, and the step by step to achieve it quickly and easily. Of course, providing you with more valuable information on how to check Emirates id fine.

Emirates ID Fines 2024

how to check emirates id fine

First of all, the ID is a very important document that is given by the government to the citizens of the country. That is why you should know what are the regulations related to this document. This includes renewing it and always carrying it with you so you should know how to check Emirates id fine.

One of the most common things you may be concerned about is that you may have a fine associated with your ID. These can be given for various reasons. Such as late renewal, loss, damage of the ID, or also not having it with you when it is needed. That is why it is good for you to know if you have any ID fines.

Online Platforms for Emirates ID Fines

To know how to check Emirates id fine online you can use different platforms which will allow you to see the status of your ID. But you must know what to call each one and what you will be able to do with them, take a look:

  1. Abu Dhabi Police website:

It is a website where you can check several services among them the query of fines. You can do this by entering your ID number.

  1. GDRFA website:

This is also a portal that you can access to check your fines or any that are under your sponsorship. In addition, you can check the status of your Smart Gates.

  1. Federal Citizenship and Identity Authority website:

In addition, you have the ICA portal, where you can also check your fines using your ID number. Not only that, but you can also view the status of your entry permits, and your establishment card among others.

  1. Dubai police app for how to check Emirates ID fine in Dubai:

Not only do you have web portals, but also an app from the Dubai police. In this app, you can not only check if you have fines. You will be able to view your driver’s license details, change your information, pay violations, etc.

Required Information

To understand how to check emirates id fine in Dubai ID you will have to provide several pieces of information and follow several stipulations or criteria to be able to apply for a late fine exemption.

  1. Your id number:

This is the first to know how to check emirates id fine in UAE. The first requirement that you will be asked to check your fines is to give your ID number.

  1. Personal contact information

In addition, you will need to provide your active phone number, email, and other contact information. All this is to be able to receive notifications about the status of your fines.

  1. Valid passport:

You will also need to provide your passport details. Also, you use this to verify your identity and to ensure that all fines are yours.

  1. Valid original entry permit:

You will need to present your entry permit if you have one. This is used to verify your legal status in the country.

  1. Valid residence visa for how to check emirates id fine in UAE:

Finally, you may be asked for your visa details to ensure your verification.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Emirates ID Fines Online

how to check emirates id fine

If you want to know how to check emirates id fine you must go through a simple, step-by-step process. It is designed to provide easy access to penalty and fine information for all residents.

In addition, this process is useful to do if you want to avoid any negative mishap, whether it is not being able to travel anymore because of a restriction or in major cases imprisonment. That is why it is good that you know how to check emirates id fine.

Accessing the Official Portal

To check your Emirates ID fines online, start by accessing the official portal. The portal is managed by the government entities, which are the Dubai police and your government. Remember that you have several options to be able to access the portal which can be:

  • Abu Dhabi police website
  • GDRFA website
  • Website of the Federal Agency for Identity and Citizenship
  • Dubai police application

Checking to Fines Section

In addition, to understand how to check Emirates ID fine you must go to the specific section where you will be able to see all the fines associated with your ID. This section can be found on the main page of the portal. Within it, you will have to look for the one related to traffic services and fines.

You should also look for the section called ¨Check Tickets¨ which may also appear as ¨Fine Inquiry¨.

Entering Personal Information

Once you have found the Ticket Verification section, you will need to enter your personal information. You will need to provide the following information to how to check Emirates ID fine:

Your ID number:

  • This will be the first personal information required to check your fines.

Contact information:

  • In addition, you will need to provide your phone number and email to follow the procedure.

Passport and entry permit:

It is also important that you provide information about your passport or if you have an entry permit it will also be required. This is to assess your full legal status within the UAE. They may apply for your residency visa.

Checking Fine Details

The fourth step in how to check Emirates ID fine is to enter your details and you will be able to see if you have any fines to your name. These will be broken down into a list, plus you can pay them directly on the website.

It is good that you check in detail all fines including the amount, when it was issued, and other very important details. In addition, you should understand why you were given that violation, not forgetting to check if there are any additional charges for late payments.

Resolving Fines (if applicable)

Lastly, if you have already seen how to check Emirates ID fine and have checked all the fines that are on your ID. It is a good idea to take some action to resolve all your outstanding fines as soon as possible. Let us see what are the steps you could take to do so:

  1. Review the details:

As you have already read, it is very important to review the details of each fine to get organized and determine if it is valid.

  1. Validity:

Your fine may be invalid, you can check the reasons for it, if that is the way it was invalidly issued you can dispute it.

  1. Pay the fine:

In case you want to pay the fine, you can do it from the official website. You will be able to pay them using the payment method that you are most comfortable with or trust.

  1. Make sure you have the receipt of payment:

After the payment of your fine is completed, it is good that you have with you the proof that it was paid. It is important to have it so that you have a record of all your payments as evidence.

  1. Appealing the fine (If possible):

First of all, you must provide some evidence to support your case, either you were traveling, you are over 70 years old, you have a medical condition or you were living out of the country for more than 3 months.

  1. Follow all the rules for settling disputes:

Finally, you must follow the instructions that will be given to you to settle your case. You will need to fill out a form, submit some supporting evidence, and may be called to the office to settle the case.


In conclusion, the how to check Emirates ID fine is important to avoid any overdue fines, as well as to be careful with other types of fines whether they are traffic fines since they will be affiliated to your UAE ID.

Also knowing how to check Emirates ID fine you can do it every 3 months; it is a tip to have control in case you have some fines that you did not know you had and so you can avoid any problem that can harm you economically and legally.

To learn more about how to check Emirates ID fine and other topics, visit our blog section. Which is always updated with the best information for you. Also, if you want to write to us, you can do it at, We will be waiting for you.

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