HR and Administration

Sales & Marketing

Enhance the HR and administration side of your UAE business with Emirati talent and hire new employees with our professional assistance.

Procurement and Facilities

Procurement and Facilities

Receive the ideal personnel for your procurement and facilities company and meet the necessary Emiratisation quota to remain compliant.

Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Obtain Emirati knowledge and experience in the sales and marketing area when hiring local candidates with our staff outsourcing agency

Audit and Accounting

Audit & Accounting

Allow us to help you find the perfect candidates for your audit and accounting business staff and streamline the whole process with our support


Healt Care

Find and hire healthcare Emirati professionals and meet the Emiratization quota with the support of our experts

IT and Technology

Sales & Marketing

Obtain IT and tech candidates and choose the ones that fit your needs with our staff outsourcing solutions

Banking and Finance

Hr And Administration

Let us give you access to a wide talent pool so you can find the Emirati staff essential for your new banking and finance business.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Obtain the support to staff your oil and gas business with our professional team, so you do not have to worry about a thing.