Things to Know about UAE National Day

Every year a very important holiday is celebrated in the United Arab Emirates. This celebration is called UAE National Day, which commemorates the union of the seven emirates that make up the country. If you ask yourself when is National Day, the answer is December 2 of each year. On this date, the agreement that gave rise to the federation in 1971 was signed. This day is an occasion to show national pride, historical heritage, and cultural identity in the UAE.

In this article, we will tell you some things you should know about the UAE National Day. Among the things that we are going to explain to you is what is national day and when is national day in UAE. In addition, we will give you information about its origin, its traditions, its importance, and its activities. Finally, we will give you some tips to enjoy this very special party. You can also learn more about the history and culture of this interesting country. Read on and discover everything the UAE National Day has to offer you.

History Of UAE National Day

uae national day

Previously, the United Arab Emirates was very different from the powerful nation it is today. In fact, the country had a distribution like rival tribal groups, each of them in different areas. In 1820, Great Britain entered the country to offer protection to the tribes. To do this, they had to give up some control over the land. The numerous tribes decided to accept the offer to finally obtain peace. Subsequently, Great Britain is responsible for resolving all existing disputes.

In 1968, Britain decides to withdraw from the situation after beginning to experience financial losses. As Britain exited the stage, the rulers of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al-Ain, Sharjah, and Umm Al-Quwain joined in. On December 2, 1971, the Emirates announced its independence from Great Britain and became the United Arab Emirates. Later, Ras Al Khaimah (that is, the seventh emirate) decides to be part of that union.

The best part of this whole story is that this process was an immense victory without the use of violence. To commemorate the unity of the seven emirates and the declaration of the UAE, the country’s flag was raised. It is important to note that this flag is the same one that currently exists in the country. In addition, they proceeded to select the first president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Sheikh Zayed at that time was the emir of Abu Dhabi and the richest of the seven emirates. Currently, the United Arab Emirates is recognized as a middle power. In addition, it is an influential nation with a flourishing economy, abundant tourists, oil reserves, and some of the tallest buildings in the world. However, all citizens of the UAE recognize that today’s power exists only because the emirates decided to unite in 1971.

How to Celebrate UAE National Day?

The UAE National Day celebrations have the spirit of togetherness as their central theme. Which is inspired by the ruler Sheikh Zayed. This issue has to do with the unity of the emirates, as well as how together they will shape the destiny of the nation.

The citizens of the UAE love their country from the bottom of their hearts. That is why they commemorate this auspicious day with patriotism, pride, and joy. The city of Dubai is like a kaleidoscope of Fireworks, festivities, and colors as it celebrates UAE National Day.

Next, we will show you some ways to celebrate the great UAE National Day.

Tour the country

Historical milestones remind us of the struggles of our ancestors for sovereignty, freedom, and peace. With this, it can be assumed that a great way to celebrate UAE National Day is to tour its land. Especially places that have great historical importance. With this visit, you can increase your love for the country. In addition, to understand his determination to work tirelessly for his greatness.

Throw a party to celebrate

UAE National Day is a time of togetherness and to celebrate the spirit of freedom and self-determination. Therefore, a good idea is to organize a party at your house. Thus, you can show your enthusiasm for the national day, just like people all over the world on their national days.

You and your guests can dress in traditional attire to pay an ode to your rich heritage. In addition, spending a pleasant moment with your field mates.

Host a clean-up activity

UAE National Day is a day to renew the determination to serve the country. The country that its founding fathers work hard to free from foreign rule. A cleaning campaign can be an excellent activity to celebrate this day. With this idea, you can help provide a valuable channel for your happiness. In addition, making the land clean and tidy at the same time.

What is the importance of UAE National Day?

The unification of the seven emirates into one powerful Middle Eastern nation is a pivotal event in the history of the region. That is why it is something worth celebrating on a large scale for the emergence of the country. Furthermore, this emergence is that of an economic power that has repercussions throughout the world. If the UAE and its voters punch above their weight on the world stage it is only thanks to the decision to unite. It is important to highlight that this day is an example for everyone due to the decision and attitude when uniting.

Why UAE National Day is Important

National Day UAE celebrates a fundamental event in the region. In this sense, the unification of the seven emirates into a single powerful Arab nation is celebrated. In this way, the UAE National Day celebration on a large scale is something worthwhile.

All this is due to the emergence of the UAE as an economic power that has had repercussions throughout the world. Furthermore, if the UAE and its voters are so outstanding on the world stage, it is thanks to the decision to unite in an exemplary way.

Historically relevant

It is important to remember that the UAE was not always the powerful nation it is today. In fact, the country was distributed into different rival tribal groups, which occupied different areas.

The United Arab Emirates National Day is a historic occasion that sheds light on the formation of the UAE. For this reason, it is essential to celebrate this important day so that future generations remember the history of the nation where they live. Furthermore, remembering the past often instills love for the country in the hearts of the youngest.

The National Day holiday even helps foreigners learn more about the history of their new country of residence.

Reminder of peace

The events that occurred in the history of the UAE National Day holiday are a clear example of how freedom can be achieved without using violence and war. Additionally, the day serves as motivation to choose a progressive dialogue to resolve some political issues.

It shows there is strength in unity

If you know the famous phrase divide and conquer, you should know that the opposite of this is vital. In this way, the formation of the UAE shows the strength that exists in the unit. Thanks to the celebration of Dubai National Day, this great fortress is always remembered.

What to do on UAE National Day?

uae national day

Houses and streets, people and cars, all the colors of the national flag are everywhere. Furthermore, the colors red, white, black, and green adorn every aspect of UAE life. Furthermore, flags are flown atop iconic locations throughout the country.

As it is a public holiday, this UAE National Day is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate and reflect. In this way, In each emirate, the corniche is always the center of activity. Additionally, there are vibrant carnivals that run along the boardwalk.

There are even colorful and resplendent floats with images and effigies of Sheikh Zayed. Beaches generally become open-air galleries to spend the day observing or making sand sculptures.

The official celebration takes place annually in Abu Dhabi at the Zayed Sports City stadium and is a theatrical spectacle. In this way, you can see a powerful show complete with different performances. Among these you find moving performances, acrobatic displays, and inspiring speeches; all imbued with a great sense of national courage and pride.


If you want to have a happy national day UAE, fireworks are an important part of this day. For this reason, you should know that these can be witnessed in certain places in the UAE.

Among these, you find Zayed Heritage Festival Madinat Zayed and Al Dahfra in Abu Dhabi and Burj Khalifa. In addition, we also have other sites such as La Mer, Global Village, Festival Mall, and Al Seef in Dubai.


On UAE National Day, a large number of very colorful parades are presented. In addition, these show the culture and traditions of the nation in a much more vibrant way. In this way, you find floats, drummers, music bands, men and women dressed in traditional ways that participate in these dazzling parades.

Wearing Patriotic Dress

Among the favorite activities of the people of the UAE on the occasion of their national day is to dress in a way that alludes to their national flag. In this way, many people celebrate this wonderful day by using the colors of their flag.

Participating in Car Parades

To this day, car owners in the UAE are responsible for decorating their vehicles. In addition, they do so using the national colors, decorating them with different flowers, and participating in very large car parades. In this way, they show their way of celebrating the UAE’s national day.

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